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In any group of people, no matter the size, the majority always must rule.  That is human nature!  Before we became "civilized", it was strength in numbers who determined the course of any group, but now, instead of physical strength, we use a voting system to determine the course.  There can never be peace if the majority is dissatisfied.  Whoever doesn't agree with the majority are free to leave the group and join other groups or start their own group.




 Let's fix all of our economic and currency problems the same way as is done throughout history, we base our currency on gold.  There has to be a monetary standard for any type of economic system and gold has fullfilled that role for thousands of years.  Before the leeches ditched our gold standard in 1973, there was no inflation or currency fluctuations in our financial system.  Let's go back to sound money - gold!    



(Alien Connected And Protected)


Connect up with the aliens and they will protect you from all the chaos we will experience in the near future.




 These words used to mean something!  Up until the 1970's, everybody lived by these words but now they are marginalized.  How did this happen?  It is because we allowed "leeches" to change our society for the worst. 




Who are the leeches?  The swamp creatures who got us into this hopeless mess by influencing and/or controlling the civilized world for the last hundred years.  They are the people who gained their power over us by taking advantage of their fellow man through greedy practices.  They enriched themselves unfairly at our expense then took control of us all using the power of their ill-gotten gains.  Even now, the leeches keep draining us by dominating in several major service industries that are essential parts of our lives in our present society.  Industries we can do without because they can easily be replaced by hi-tech systems that will be more efficient and fair.


Hi, my name is Joe Thor (the Mighty Thor) and, with your help, we will work together to gain our freedom from all this chaos affecting our lives.  Chaos resulting from a system that evolved into our present reality of total corruption at the top, and now the leeches are pushing us into a "great reset" that will make our lives even worse.  I have plans to take back control of our country and to establish our people's "new world order" of freedom and peace but I need your help.  If you like the below Guidelines and want to join me in establishing a whole new society based on those Guidelines then text or email me.  I want to create a new system to benefit all, not just the top 1%!


The People's New World Order Guidelines:


1.  All people are equal and have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness 


2.  The majority rules

3.  The right to bear arms


4.  Freedoms of religion, speech, assembly and the press


5.  Respect - nobody lies, cheats or steals


6.  No usury or interest on money


7.  Money is based on the gold standard


8.  The advertising, insurance and financial industries are prohibited


9.  Help the disadvantaged


10.  Promote world peace

The Mighty Thor
ph: 559-304-8988

The Mighty Thor
ph: 559-304-8988